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A therapeutic program for people suffering from Flying Phobia


Our program is held in Greece, held in Athens and Thessaloniki and is offered in English for English speaking people.

Who we are

Mr. Eleftherios Morrou and Dr. Smaroula Pandelis are two highly trained psychologists – psychotherapists with broad experience in treating people with anxiety disorders and more specifically, phobias.


Our philosophy

We have designed a training program  based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Virtual Reality and Exposure Therapy which is universally accepted as the most effective way of treating phobias. Our philosophy is to bring people together and help them reconstruct their dysfunctional cognitions in relation to their emotional reactions and lead them to connect with their inner power and feeling of safety


Our programs

We offer:

  • A program for groups up to 10 people with its fast track version.

  • A program for groups up to 5 people.

  • A private program.

  • A custom-made business program for companies.

  • A flight only possibility.

All our programs include:

  • Therapeutic - training sessions with the psychologist in charge.

  • Visit at the airport for acquaintance exercises.

  • Meeting with a chief flying pilot and a member of the cabin crew.

  • A return day’s journey with the airplane to Thessaloniki or Athens, accordingly.


We'd love to hear from you

Tel: +30 2102206573

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